Church leaders with Latino attendance

Wearing multiple hats on top of the pandemic can feel overwhelming.

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Deadline, November 11th, 2020

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed during this time of uncertainty…

Take the first step and apply for a 3-Month Full Scholarship

Start where you are and what you have.

Define your biggest needs

Design a plan of action

Take simple micro-steps forward

2020/11/12 06:00:00
2020/11/12 06:00:00

The plan will be personalized according to your Church needs.

A potential plan could include:

  1. Serve your parishioners in person and/or online.
  2. Create a system to grow volunteers.
  3. Get a stream of new visitors every week.
  4. Increase the level of generosity.
  5. Reach the unchurched locally and/or online.
  6. Sow seeds of hope through a local digital missionary journey.

10X Your Light was born out of the desire to share light and online wisdom for the advancement of the kingdom of God. During this time of uncertainty, people are feeling lost and hopeless, but we believe that the local church is the hope of the world. Therefore, 10X Your Light has launched a 3-month program for churches who are looking to reconnect with the needs of their people and expand their ministry locally and online but can’t afford it. Churches of less than 250 members who are ready to make outreach a leadership and budget priority (3% or more of your church’s budget to invest in your website, photography, invite cards, etc.) are welcomed to apply.

10X Your Light is a subsidiary of Dalai Group, which has worked with companies in Spanish and English speaking communities and helped them expand locally and nationwide for the last 19 years.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed.

Apply by November 11th

2020/11/12 06:00:00
2020/11/12 06:00:00


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2021/03/08 18:00:00
2021/03/08 18:00:00

After this Fast Track to Simplify & Leap, you will have:

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Pilar has 19-years of expertise creating & scaling four businesses from scratch. She has sold two of her businesses to public companies, one for six figures and the other one for seven figures. In addition, Pilar Lazzati holds a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s in international business. Pilar also has 19-years of expertise to her credit in helping Fortune 1000 companies expand their businesses online in the U.S. & International. Pilar is happily married and has three children, ages 16, 13 and 6 years-old.

Pilar has been involved in the digital marketing industry and the development of successful Internet companies since 2001, when she co-founded Mailcreations Corporation. Mailcreations grew its email database to 100 million permission based emails and had clients including: Citibank, Disney, Microsoft, Paramount, 3M, Oracle, Iberia Airlines, Marriott, Paypal, Zappos, and Bellsouth. The company remained profitable since its inception and consistently posted annual growth rates of more than 1000%. MailCreations was sold to Livedoor, a multinational corporation from Japan in June 2004 for $6.4 million.

Pilar founded Dalai Group in June 2005 which has offices on 3 continents. Dalai Group embodies innovation, latest technology and industry know-how, and proven business success in the digital marketing world. Dalai Group brings national and international credibility to brands around the world and its client history includes Fortune 1000 companies; such as Nestle, MTV, Ebay, HBO, Disney, and McCormick.

Pilar launched her fourth company, 6 to 7 Figure Accelerator to capitalize on her 19 years of business and digital expertise to help businesses worldwide shorten their learning curve, simplify and scale by utilizing a simple, quick and proven methodology 10x-in-10 that cuts through the clutter and speeds up revenue.

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